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The Caresse and Caresse+ provide a wide range of features to enable seniors to remain living at home. This includes the ability to connect up to 35 devices from Tunstall’s unique range of telecare sensors to monitor fire, flooding, high and low temperatures, falling, inactivity, bogus callers and many more. For more information on telecare and its benefits please see the telecare solutions sheet. The main features include:

  • Up to 15 telecare sensor inputs – allows multiple telecare sensors to be linked to the unit (Caresse+ = up to 35).
  • Hardwired input – provides the ability to connect a hardwired device to the Caresse, such as a pullcord or smoke detector.
  • Auto-answer - allows the unit to answer calls from known sources, enabling tasks such as remote programming to be carried out with no user intervention.
  • Range test and walk test – enables installer to easily test radio coverage when installing the unit.
  • Multiple language voice prompts – voice messages in English, Spanish and French to alert the user to unit status.
  • Easy switching between hands-free and handset mode – non emergency calls can be easily made private by picking up the handset of an attached telephone.
  • Optional local audible warnings – non-critical warnings such as AC power failure can be automatically suppressed at night to avoid disturbing the user.
  • Ability to signal a ‘beep’ – if the user is unable to speak in the event of an alarm, they can press their pendant during an alarm call to signal to the monitoring center.
  • Recordable voice tags – allows messages to be recorded and used to replace fixed phrases for personal recipients.
  • Inactivity monitoring – increases the flexibility of inactivity monitoring by allowing for inactivity to be checked over two separate time windows.
  • 10 telephone numbers and multiple call sequences – allows different alarm types to be sent to designated monitoring centers and recipients by routing calls to the
    most appropriate recipient depending on what triggers the alarm.
  • Calls to monitoring center or personal recipient – alarms can be configured to be sent to a monitoring center or a normal telephone number.
  • Remotely answer incoming calls – calls can be answered by pressing the pendant saving the need to go to the unit.
  • Automatic daylight saving time update – removes the need to manually adjust the clock on the unit.

Compatible telecare sensors
The following telecare sensors are compatible with the Caresse and Caresse+:

Bed Occupancy Sensor, Enuresis Sensor, Fall Detector, Flood Detector, PIR Motion Sensor, Pull Cord, Radio Output Module, Temperature Extremes Sensor, Smoke Detector, Wandering Client Sensor; click here for more information

View - Caresse and Caresse+ data sheet (pdf format)

To find out more about our PERS range call Toll Free: 1-800-892-2205 or email us.

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